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Recruitment Marketing is every approach your talent acquisition team uses to source, attract, engage, and nurture people to convert them into coveted candidates. It shouldn’t be left to chance.

Partner with Ad Strategies to promote your employer brand through:

    • Employee Value Proposition (EVP) Development
    • Employer Brand Activation
    • Custom Career Sites
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Programmatic Job Distribution
    • CRM/Talent Networks
    • Recruiting Analytics
    • Recruiting Events
    • SEO

Media Negotiation and Leveraged Buying 

When promoting your employment opportunities, are you missing out on media deals and discounts because you aren’t represented by a recruitment ad agency?

Ad Strategies uses the power of volume—as well as our experience, relationships, and a thorough knowledge of the entire media landscape—to save you money and ensure you’re leveraging all the extras you’re entitled to.

Focus your valuable time on your team of recruiters and their candidates while we work to secure all-star media placements to reach your targeted talent. Our media buying expertise covers strategy, planning, negotiations, and execution.

Industry Know-How and Creative Strength

Does your team understand the components of a compelling job description or the ins and outs of designing a career fair booth to bring top talent your way? What about the crucial techniques to structure your career site in a way that gets candidates the information they need?

At Ad Strategies, our creative strength comes from years of experience in consumer and recruitment marketing as well as Human Resources. We understand the value of spending time immersed in your company’s culture. By partnering with your recruiting team, we enable you to discover your employer brand and then leverage the unique parts of your organization to connect with top talent.

Social Recruiting Strategy

Are you missing valuable connections by under-leveraging your employer brand on social sites?  

A forward-thinking social recruiting strategy can set you apart from your competitors. Your coveted candidates are waiting to interact with you on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Glassdoor, Indeed, and, yes, even TikTok.

Today’s prospects aren’t just applying to jobs – they’re using social media to research you as a prospective employer. Shouldn’t you be intentional about—and happy with—what they’re learning about your company?

Reach more candidates in 2022 by leaning on Ad Strategies’ team of social media experts to manage and maximize your social media budget with creative, consistent, and engaging content.

Better Results Through Better Research

Your best prospects are out there. Our thorough, customized research helps you reach them.

We study your options, run demographics and rating/audience numbers, and turn up the smartest strategies for your unique needs. Expect fresh, up-to-the-minute findings, not reams of canned data covering your entire industry sector, including actionable information relevant to: 

    • Industry-Specific Websites
    • Job Fairs and Conferences
    • Radio, Cable & Network TV, Podcasts, YouTube Channels
    • Targeted Direct Mail and Email Lists
    • Text Campaign Options
    • Employee Referral Tools
    • Veteran Outreach Options
    • Local and National Diversity Publications and Websites
    • International Media Options
    • Search Engine Optimization

Investment Tracking & Actionable Analytics

Where are your recruitment advertising dollars going and what kind of return are you really getting? Do you have the data you need to spend wisely?

Your Ad Strategies team makes sure of it. Data is, after all, at the core of everything we do.

By monitoring your recruitment advertising investments, analyzing reports, and deploying tools most compatible with your business to gain actionable insights, we help you see your ROI and exactly how we’re leveraging your recruitment budget to get results.